About Us

Our Story

Leaders Group was founded in 2002. The journey started by establishing Leaders for Publishing & Distribution that imports supplementary English books for Egyptian Schools.By 2017, It started publishing the books locally to fulfill the Egyptian market needs. The company’s mission is “To guide our students successfully engage in the society through learning. Ensure every one of our students receives the proper relevant curriculum. The vision is “To pave the way for our products to reach the International market and develop innovative learning approaches.” 

In 2015, Leaders Group have initiated Leaders Tours for Travel and Tourism. In which it creates domestic trips to show the beauty inside Egypt with affordable prices and all the needed services.

 By 2020, Leaders Interior Design and Real Estate joined under Leaders umbrella. It focuses on providing distinctive designs that reflects each clients style with the highest quality at a reasonable price. Our company specializes in commercial and residential interior design including all furniture types and home décor. We also specialize in constructing pools and having periodic maintenance for swimming pools.


We focus on providing distinctive designs that reflects our clients style while providing them woth the highest quality needed for better living


We strive to create all designs that combine functionality with superior quality that last for a long time.

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